Launching Club Delaray


Villawood Properties were proud to officially launch their brand new $5m club house in their Delaray estate in Clyde North. They wanted to tell the public about it, to generate some new excitement around the development. They did this with a series of press ads (Herald Sun half page spread shown), as well as launch events for purchasers and corporate stakeholders.

My concept was to showcase the image of the club house and pools as the hero, whilst ensuring the Delaray brand is also prominent.

Standing out

It can be tough to stand out in the highly competitive world of property marketing, with so many developers vying for attention.

Luckily one of Aspire’s brand colours is lime green! I made the most of that by featuring it as the main brand element in this full page ad in the Herald Sun’s real estate section.

It’s pretty hard to miss.