New brand: Startup Accounting


Startup Accounting are an accounting firm with a difference – their niche is Aussie startup businesses.

Their single-minded proposition is “we understand startups”, and they show this on the home page by prominently showcasing products by Aussie startup businesses (and acknowledging the business in a caption).

Okay, Startup Accounting is not real, it is a client I invented. I thought, wouldn’t it be great if I could find an accountant that specialises in startups and speaks my language instead of accounting jargon? I would love to follow a Facebook feed that updates me on important tax dates and posts articles relevant to me as a startup. I’d also like those articles to be written by guest bloggers who own their own startup business, so that I can relate to what they’re talking about.

They could be the ‘Three Birds Renovations’ of accounting – well-styled, social media-friendly and relevant to the Gen Y entrepreneur.

Just a thought!


Physio Studio Somers


A brand new sports physiotherapy studio has opened up in Somers, Victoria, and they needed a website to reflect their beachy brand.

I built this website in Squarespace, which is perfect for those who aren’t super savvy with tech stuff and want to be able to make edits and post blog articles on their own.

Here is the business stationery that went along with it.